Istanbul: Draft Itinerary


So we’ll be here first week of November. But only for 4.5 days. Dont ask me why the short trip unlike our previous adventurous 2-weeks-backpacking-where-you’ll-be-on-trains-for-3-days-without-shower kind of trips, but it happens when now you have to think for three instead of thinking for two :) ┬áIt will be our first trip as three, and I’m excited about it. Of course, I could give in and wait for longer and more secured time, but this opportunity is like now or never! Wont go into details about it, but total return flights including 4 nights hotel for THREE of us costs me RM3.4k, so it explains why the sudden plan.

Anyhow. I always become a smart planner who manages to cram alot of places in limited days.

Day 1: Around Sultanahmet (Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, etc), Grand Bazaar, Beyazit

Day 2: Ortakoy to see morning market, Dolmabahce (not entering palace though), Taksim, Istiklal avenue, Galata bridge..

Day 3: Topkapi palace, then take bus to Eyup. OTW back stop at Suleymaniye mosque, Spice Bazaar, etc

Day 4: Take ferry to Uskudar in Asian side, then take bus/whatever to Hyderpasa, Kadikoy. Take ferry back from Kadikoy to Eminonu.

Day 5: Probably manage to do last minute shopping (not much intended) in Grand Bazaar before leaving for airport in the afternoon.


I can say it’s the most luxury trip we’ll have so far coz we’ll be staying all nights in 3 star hotel instead of jumping from hostel to CS couch or in trains like last time ;P then again with a baby in tow I’m not sure if it’s manageable at all to stay at CS host, although we’d love to if there exists some family-friendly host.

Well. Let’s see if my itinerary goes as planned or not.