Career Fair 2010 @ USM Engineering

Aiyoh.. so many events this week T_T (UIA’s Ummatic Week, theater in USM main campus, and here we’re having Career Fair, duh). I hope I can catch everything all!

Tomorrow we’re attending a talk by Intel. Earlier I was sort of planning to live in Penang after graduation, and particularly having met many classmates who used to work in Intel (before pursuing Masters in USM) is somehow convincing me that I should go work in Intel Penang, too.

BTW for more info about the career fair in our campus here (I still can’t believe this deserted campus is having a huge event participated by many big name companies all over =_=) please do check

See you around.

USM Engineering Campus Part 2 a.k.a. Bunny outdoor Part 2 (now with Bunny, I promise!!)

This morning went out for a jogging. With roommates and Bunny.

Bike and Bunny

One round cycling around the campus, followed by exercising here in the ‘gym’.

Here again.

Since it’s actually been one whole semester since I last made a getting-to-know post about USM (part 1), I was thinking if I could get some more views of this deserted campus surrounded by palm trees and make another getting-to-know-more post.

This is where I go to classes.


Okay, so CEDEC stands for Collaborative micro-Electronic Design Excellence Centre but it’s not where I work actually :P Since it’s practically in the building of School of EEE, and I get to see this side first so I took the picture as well. But the main entrance should be this one:

School of EEE. Very terribly ugly building, I know. Even the existence of Bunny in the pic doesn't help much..

I won’t go show you my classrooms and labs. Maybe next time. I won’t go show buildings of other schools either.. coz I am lazy and it’s not much important anyway in this post.

Next of our building is this building with a dome.

Islamic Center cum mosque.

This campus is surrounded by palm estate (that gives unpleasant smell sometimes during midnight, and the existence of this species insect called Charlie you may find in your rooms and bathrooms) and this place is rather new I guess. The campus itself was opened in 2001 since being moved from its previous campus in Tronoh, Perak (the very site where Universiti Teknologi Petronas is now located). See this wikimapia layout for brighter idea of how scary and deserted this place is.

Road to nowhere.

Main hall

The Library.

Yeah. Ugly plain buildings. Nothing interesting to be shown off actually. Good thing that I’m not here for too long. Bye!

Bunny outdoor

But it turned out no Bunny. I forgot to bring Bunny when I went on a bike ride yesterday evening.

Yup, my bike got fixed and fantastic.

Bike and basketball.

Outdoor gym in USM.

I was meaning to take pics of more places and buildings inside the campus.. though there are not many of them anyway.. but once you get your hands grasping the bike handlebars cycling freely with the wind.. it’s so uncool to make stops anymore.

Oh hmm btw here’s my Kelisa again.. remember? The buddy who was accompanying me during final year in UIA, and when I was living in KL the other year. I’m glad I got Kelisa with me again this semester after a while of absence.. so I will no longer be tard bored..

Kelisa, with new sports rims :)).

After 1 year.. the only missing thing about Kelisa now is the fact that Haris isn’t inside it hanging on the mirror no more.. coz right now Haris is hibernating in cold Macedonia.. and will be going to Slovenia next.

USM Engineering Campus – Part 1

Oh yes Penang is one of Malaysia’s famous touristic places and has one of the biggest cities. The capital Georgetown is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site along with Malacca. It IS a very beautiful and historic place.


But you aren’t likely to feel you’re in Penang with all its fun when you actually find yourself living in the farthest spot from the city and nearest the border of Perak :(


Unless I didn’t choose to go for Engineering course and be placed in the Engineering campus in Nibong Tebal, I would instead have been delighted to be living in the island and center of the city in the main campus. Agh.

And some more, Nibong Tebal is purely a jungle than a town! No public transports come inside the campus, and the nearest town is Parit Buntar (yes, in Perak state actually). You have to call a taxi to bring you to bus station in Parit Buntar. Then again there’s no direct bus to Penang island crossing the bridge. You have to take one hour trip to Butterworth and take a ferry to Georgetown. Yes, FERRY!!!!!!!! It sounds fun only if you just take ferry, not those very long journey that simply makes you feel as if you’re traveling to another state. I was in the main campus last week to do the medical checkup since our campus here doesn’t do X-ray thing, and USM provides shuttle bus to go there actually, but only 2 trips per day, 8.30 am from Eng campus and come back at 11am from main campus, and 3pm from Eng campus and come back 5pm from main campus. Thing is, I MISSED the morning bus!! T_____T And since there’s no other free day to go, and I had my classmate Fiona with me, we decided to turn it into an adventure and took taxi, bus, and ferry to go there. It took damn hours to really reach there instead of 1 hour by shuttle bus (use bridge, like many other cars do, and I still can’t understand why no public bus goes there by bridge). But we managed to catch the return bus at 5pm, fortunately. One day of traveling to Penang, and you say we’re living in Penang? BTW Nibong Tebal to Georgetown are at leats 35km apart.

OK, nevermind that. I just have to get used to the fact I’ll be living in the jungle for at least one year. It’s not too bad, actually. Think nature, no noise and air pollution. Coz here in this campus everyone is riding a bicycle. I have never seen lots of bike users like this in any other place in Malaysia before. It’s like a new discovery :)

One of the many bikes

One of the many garages in the hostel area (we call it Desasiswa here, = Student Village).


My bike!!!!! :D :D Who would have thought that I ended up riding bicycle again lol. Oh yes, Coffeebeanie, it's red color ;) How come did you guess PINK?? :o

bicycle path

Path for bicycle only to go to school buildings. I can't remember if I have seen such environment and biking society in other places in Malaysia before. For a moment, I thought I was in Holland instead of Nibong Tebal :))

bicycle path

Palm trees, lakes.. (though seen in picture is rather a flooded field after a rainy day). Hmmm yes as you can see we really live in a jungle.

lembaran blok 1

Desasiswa Lembaran Blok 1

My hostel building. My room is at the top level, no lift, hence another means of exercise apart of the bike. I live a healthy life now!! :P I have 3 roomates here, well USM hostel here is not as “posh” as UIA hostel I was living in past years, but trust me, it isn’t too bad either. I guess I’ll survive here for one year. Or actually, my course seems to last for 1.5 years. Agh.