Career Fair 2010 @ USM Engineering

Aiyoh.. so many events this week T_T (UIA’s Ummatic Week, theater in USM main campus, and here we’re having Career Fair, duh). I hope I can catch everything all!

Tomorrow we’re attending a talk by Intel. Earlier I was sort of planning to live in Penang after graduation, and particularly having met many classmates who used to work in Intel (before pursuing Masters in USM) is somehow convincing me that I should go work in Intel Penang, too.

BTW for more info about the career fair in our campus here (I still can’t believe this deserted campus is having a huge event participated by many big name companies all over =_=) please do check

See you around.

Makan2 Party for MSc ESDE Class of 09/10 @ Seoul Garden, Autocity

Yippie! The plan was from last semester actually, we were supposed to have a bye-bye-see-you-again-next-sem kind of gathering after the final exam, but it turned out that everyone was either too excited to go home right after the exam or… well, everyone was too excited to go home, period. Therefore the postponed lunch finally happened the other week recently :) And it was my first time eating Korean barbecue and steamboat buffet at Seoul Garden.

And it was my first time being in Autocity too, in fact.. (oh yeah, now you must be thinking I have really been living in a jungle for one whole semester and never went out to see civilization.. hm, maybe it’s half true). It’s about 20 minutes away from our campus via PLUS highway. And you can say, for someone who has left KL for a year and never been any near to big city ever since, and has almost turned into a cave-man inside her deserted campus in the middle of palm estate.. Autocity is like wonderland! Many decent restaurants (and fast-foodies) are sitting side by side, well perhaps I’ll make a separate post about Autocity for future Penang Spotlight entry :) Coz now I’m saving space to tell you about my class party only.

Here’s the Korean style hot plate, or whatever you call it, where you use to cook steamboat nuggets and grill meats of many choices of spices and kinds. And soup choices too. So convenient really, since everything is in bite-size so the food can easily go from the plate right to your mouth. Well, in case you need a plate, they do serve plates, don’t worry, and many of them actually, and the service people do their good job really, to keep changing your plates :) and even change the hot plate too, soon it gains stains of burnt meats (because of too busy eating…).

Choices of meats (constantly restocked). And plates, too. Besides the barbecue and steamboat, there are variety of salads and fruits, desserts, ice-cream, and soft drink. Yeah, I think that’s all. The buffet lunch time is from 12pm to 4pm (plus minus, I am not that sure either, coz we left by 3pm and we were too full already). Bring your student card so you can get a discounted price of RM25.10.

Class photo after lunch. Hmm.. a few people missing though. More photos of happy people eating and camwhoring can be seen in my Facebook album, and Fauzi’s.

Ok thanks bye.

Aduan kerosakan

Yesterday evening I realized the lamp of my study table is broken. And today my roommate, who once had her table lamp replaced months ago, told me that I should go report at the hostel office.

But can’t we just make a call to tell them? I got the number, anyway. Not that the office is very far away, but well, I’m in the room at floor 3 and lazying around in my bed at 3.30pm and didn’t feel like going out at this hour. Maybe later I would, then again the office would be closed by then. So I decided to make a call.

Me: Hello..?

Her: Lembaran hostel..

Me: I want to make a report that my table lamp is not functioning..

Her: You have to come down to the office

Me: But…

Her: *slams down the phone*

Me: …..

*shrugs*.. I mean.. what the benefit that they invented telephone then, if you can’t talk or settle things via phone?? And what’s her job anyway, isn’t it answering phone calls? And aren’t that supposed to include, reports, complain, emergency etc, and DEAL with them? And and.. even if her job isn’t merely answering phone, it should only take less than a minute to write down my report or any necessary details in the form papers.. so that the relevant personnels could come up changing my lamps quickly! Yeah! Compare to the time that it should take me to wake up from my bed, change cloth, walk down the building, unlock the bicycle, cycling to the office, walk up to the office, until I the moment I can show my face at the counter. It could have been much faster if she takes my report via phone! Well, unless she doesnt know how to write.

Why make things so complicated???????

So yeah, it’s 8pm and I haven’t gone to the office to make the bloody report.

USM Engineering Campus Part 2 a.k.a. Bunny outdoor Part 2 (now with Bunny, I promise!!)

This morning went out for a jogging. With roommates and Bunny.

Bike and Bunny

One round cycling around the campus, followed by exercising here in the ‘gym’.

Here again.

Since it’s actually been one whole semester since I last made a getting-to-know post about USM (part 1), I was thinking if I could get some more views of this deserted campus surrounded by palm trees and make another getting-to-know-more post.

This is where I go to classes.


Okay, so CEDEC stands for Collaborative micro-Electronic Design Excellence Centre but it’s not where I work actually :P Since it’s practically in the building of School of EEE, and I get to see this side first so I took the picture as well. But the main entrance should be this one:

School of EEE. Very terribly ugly building, I know. Even the existence of Bunny in the pic doesn't help much..

I won’t go show you my classrooms and labs. Maybe next time. I won’t go show buildings of other schools either.. coz I am lazy and it’s not much important anyway in this post.

Next of our building is this building with a dome.

Islamic Center cum mosque.

This campus is surrounded by palm estate (that gives unpleasant smell sometimes during midnight, and the existence of this species insect called Charlie you may find in your rooms and bathrooms) and this place is rather new I guess. The campus itself was opened in 2001 since being moved from its previous campus in Tronoh, Perak (the very site where Universiti Teknologi Petronas is now located). See this wikimapia layout for brighter idea of how scary and deserted this place is.

Road to nowhere.

Main hall

The Library.

Yeah. Ugly plain buildings. Nothing interesting to be shown off actually. Good thing that I’m not here for too long. Bye!