Bunny outdoor

But it turned out no Bunny. I forgot to bring Bunny when I went on a bike ride yesterday evening.

Yup, my bike got fixed and fantastic.

Bike and basketball.

Outdoor gym in USM.

I was meaning to take pics of more places and buildings inside the campus.. though there are not many of them anyway.. but once you get your hands grasping the bike handlebars cycling freely with the wind.. it’s so uncool to make stops anymore.

Oh hmm btw here’s my Kelisa again.. remember? The buddy who was accompanying me during final year in UIA, and when I was living in KL the other year. I’m glad I got Kelisa with me again this semester after a while of absence.. so I will no longer be tard bored..

Kelisa, with new sports rims :)).

After 1 year.. the only missing thing about Kelisa now is the fact that Haris isn’t inside it hanging on the mirror no more.. coz right now Haris is hibernating in cold Macedonia.. and will be going to Slovenia next.

I deserve a death penalty for sleeping too much these 2 days

Desasiswa Lembaran today 6.40pm.

Recovering from fever.. not in the best mood. Suddenly I miss miss miss going around the campus cycling at this hour.. it’s been ages already since I had the time and chance in here. Now that it’s the beginning of semester, I’m supposed to have all those time and chances, only my bike was found with tyres totally flat and slightly twisted handle when I came back :(( and it’s unrideable right now… until I manage to drag it to shop to fix it. I just dont know how… since the shop isn’t that close either…