Now that’s a Couch exchange!

Hi WordPress, I bet you’ve been sick of ┬álazy baby-photos posts I’ve been doing, now matter how many times I had drafted proper posts after birth, the story in whole and whatnots, but never mind that first, coz now that I’m catching up to finish the travelogue of China chapters although it’s been obsolete, but I had to finish anyway coz soon I’m gonna have a new chapter to write! *hint hint*

What I’m putting here first is, actually a long pending one, in March! Yes, when I was still pregnant :) Mischa, our CS host back in Urumqi in 2012 was visiting Malaysia (!) and when he said Malaysia it actually means the WHOLE Malaysia! He was having cuti-cuti Malaysia in KL, Malacca, Langkawi, Sabah, Sarawak, Penang, all the islands for goodness sake! For a month starting mid-March. Anyhow, it was funny when he had sent us a couch request. Although timing wasn’t as good as he arrived in KL the weekend that we were spending in Phnom Penh (when I say Phnom Penh, then it means ONLY Phnom Penh, but nevermind).


He was our second CS guest to stay after we moved to new apartment, the first being an Achehnese girl from Indonesia with her mum.

This is from our stay in Mischa’s house in Xinjiang university last time! :) Feel like knowing more about Mischa (and his feature in popular dating TV show) – head on to this travelogue report.

Kelantanese Rebana

After suffering a great shock over my new lappy’s hard disk failure (which later to be rescued properly by Dell people, after my own attempts resulted nothing but failure and big depression) I learned that I had to spend some time doing housekeeping, sorting my files, photos, videos etc in old (which now belongs to Az) and new laptops, and got them backup. So, I found some random video from past years, recorded in Kota Bharu during a ceremony I cant remember (but there was the King and fireworks). Before I replace my old DVD camcorder with some Full HD gadget, this is one of the cultural stuff I love about my home state. Enjoy the tune, and oh well, I used to send many postcards of Rebana in the old days, which sadly no longer exist.