Exabytes promotion for USM students!

The other day I received a comment by Ladycooper in this post informing me about this. Exabytes is having freaking cheap package for students! And this time, they particularly mentioned USM in the promotion package :D Click here for detais.

See? Siap dengan USM logo lagi..hehe.. though it’s much the same thing as the current Xtudent promotion they’re having (here), regardless which university or college you’re from (I dont think they care much anyway :P) and yeah, now RM49.50 only for hosting package including domain!! T_T .. Now you’re asking why I’m sad when I’m supposed to be happy with that super discounted price.. COZ I BOUGHT THE SAME XTUDENT PACKAGE 3 MONTHS AGO AT RM99.00 DAMMIT.


*still sad*

*wish they had this promotion 3 months ago*

*or I had waited til May to purchase my hosting package*


Now rugi RM50.. haih.

So you students of USM or wherever, go and buy Xtudent package from Exabytes now otherwise later you’ll regret as I do now.

I’m a Happy Client of Exabytes!!

Whee! It’s been weeks since I wanted to make a post about this, but *ahem* I was busy with exam and stuff I decided to wait until I really have a good peace of time and mood to write a good review about Exabytes hoping that they will give me Starbucks voucher if my post is good enough *grins* Hehe.. oh wait, last time I checked, it’s no more Starbucks lah (why..?) but replaced by KFC.. hmm it’s better than nothing anyways ;-)

So! Remember the first post I wrote on ilyani.net right after I moved my ass from ilyani.wordpress.com out of the blue? It was really a quick decision, really, and with totally no knowledge about web hosting (Geocities from the good old days doesnt count), I was only getting help from Google to know some Malaysia’s good hosting company, and of course, Exabytes was among the first results I got ;-) if not the first itself. I was comparing price between Exabytes & a couple of other web hosting companies, and hey, they’re offering rather similar price more or less, but I was convinced more by Exabytes since it offers 24/7 support, and needless to say Exabytes website is full of helpful articles and video tutorials with step by step instructions, which makes a newbie like me feel less dumb when it comes to getting your first web hosting. I mean, seriously, before that I had been reluctant about having a hosted website coz one of the reasons I thought it was too technical and only deserved by skillful webmasters and not some sappy blogger like me who’s been relying only on readymade themes of WordPress.com ever since without any slight exposure of coding. Let alone to the knowledge of where my site is physically located and get online from. But I was proven wrong! It was hassle free for noobies with Exabytes! ^_^

And I chose Xtudent package from Exabytes coz:

  1. I am *still* a poor student regardless of my age.
  2. It’s cheapest package with free domain!
  3. I can always upgrade my package should I needed extra features, but I dont think so.

So the short story is, yay, I got ilyani.net online! :) Only within a few hours!

But whooooooopps! I messed up something with my first WordPress installation to the server! Coz I didnt have main page of my blog on the URL so I was acting like expert adjusting something on cPanel, only to find out I had totally blown it! T_T What to do? What to do? Email the Exabytes Customer Support!

But, at 2 am? Are you sure they’re staying up at this hour only to hear you cry over your clumsiness?

  • Yes, they are! I was totally surprised that the 24/7 service support was not mere sweet talks to attract customers, but they do have staff ready to help you anytime you want – whatever hour it is. Hmm, so after a few emails, my problems (after problems) were solved.. and needless to say, I slept on 5am on that day >.<

But it was worth it, ever since I got my own ilyani.net I have been so excited I wanna tell the whole world about it hehe and spending hours to get the prettiest theme ever, and extra hours to modify it to my taste. It was AMAZING!

There came alot of things afterward: regarding subdomains, especially how I can make redirect from my postcards blog on WordPress.com to postcrossing.ilyani.net .. it was not easy, even though I had to browse around finding its solution, but I was glad Exabytes people were still willing to help even on a particular matter like redirecting a WP.com site to a subdomain page (notice I wrote subdomain – coz it’s not the same if you want to redirect to ilyani.net compared to subdomain.ilyani.net, mind you) and I have learned a lot of things. And even though there could be complete tutorials on the website, sometimes you have to admit you’re too lazy for that and only need a quick help :P so turst me, Exabytes people never complain even though I ask them things I should already find out myself! (sorry, now you know I’m lazy..)

  • Exabytes has a Facebook page itself, where they interact with their happy customers like friends.. and it’s where I spot this guy named Marccus who said I could claim a mystery prize from Exabytes for my web hosting subscription – which I have yet to get (!) coz they want me to come over self pick up at their office lah.. tsk.. and I’m so far away even though my address is Penang.. I mean.. almost Perak border already.. why can’t just pos ekspress one? :/

Hmm and my service needs from Exabytes didnt end even though my sites have been going stable afterward. You can never be too sure! One 20th of last month I woke up and opened my site to see an error message in horror. BANDWIDTH LIMIT EXCEEDED!! What’s going on?? Who’s eating my bandwidth that fast? Wait, the last time I checked my cPanel it was like it hadnt been used at all! Now it’s 7 gigabytes! Over 2 gigabytes exceeding! T_T

This print screen was emailed by Az (with a funny subject: Bumper 2 bumper traffic on your site?) and he had no idea I was having hard time figuring out what was happening.. and I was in panic some more coz I had Project Alpha contest post to be viewed at that time and they could come check my post anytime and I dont want to miss RM20 just because my site was down at this critical time and I was rushing to go library coz my AI exam was approaching in a few days and I was not supposed to stay online in the first place and I was supposed to be studying and and and… !!!!!!!!

Help me already! >.<

Impatient waiting for Exabytes CS email reply, I rushed into the Facebook page and flooded some messages on their wall, and some more, I had to flood messages to poor Marccus‘ inbox just as well – so he could notify the technical people quick! Hehe, sorry again ya Marccus, I was really crazily impatient at that time :P

  • Lalalala.. guess what? They let me purchase extra bandwidth or upgrade to bigger bandwidth package.. BUT! After a few emails back and forth, they gave me extra bandwidth in advanced while I was deciding!!!!!!  So in the end the ‘purchase of extra bandwidth’ idea seemed to disappear just like that :P That’s so kind of Exabytes, which saved my life alot, so I could just go to library and continue studying in peace without having to panic no more since my site got online again instantly afterwards. That’s just a really great service! They didnt even force me to upgrade right away.. and I only did the upgrade after a couple of days when I was free. I have to admit it was my ignorance in the first place for using the bandwidth not in smart way – I should have used third party image hosting in order to save up server bandwidth consumption – but then again, I had no idea that my sappy blog would attract that many visitors then.. sigh.

Wow this post is sure long, hehe but no, I didnt write this only to get the KFC voucher :P, but really I was happy to share my experience with Exabytes.. even though probably I found out later a few web hosting companies offering cheaper price with the same hosting I got from Exabytes, I know when it comes to Exabytes’ customer support and newbie-friendly.. it’s incomparable!

So.. if you happen to be a total newbie regarding getting your first web hosting, and you are clueless where to turn to, just consider Exabytes, coz I’m sure their services and help will be worth your money :)  Please do click the banner below to get your subscription under my referral *wink* (and there are loads of other package options, dont worry.) Hmm notice also the banner on my sidebar! Whee! I’m an Exabytes Angel! ^_^

See you! And to Exabytes, now give me KFC voucher already!!! :P (again the question, why no more Starbucks??)