First Anniversary

When I was walking after office today while talking to Az on the phone, he suddenly wished ‘Happy Anniversary’, not once, but I guess 3 times repeatedly, leaving me in a confusion (but didnt bother to quickly think what that’s supposed to mean coz I was damn tired after 7pm). Then he knew that I was blank, and mentioned yesterday, 29 May was the date of our wedding we had in Melaka (Az’s house) last year. Ahh, that one counts as anniversary also ka? Okay lah..

Although during the actual anniversary 5 February this year I was far from having 5 minutes to blog about it in, now I’ll do it for the Melaka anniversary.

29 May 2011, Melaka. Last minute renting this songket costume (all the way from KB!) because Az’s mom suddenly wanted us to wear songket too in Melaka after seeing us in songket during wedding at my home earlier (5 February). And we had to wear songket during reception in KB thanks to my grandma’s wish to see us in songket. In the end, my Dubai lace modern kurung (which I had put all my creativity to design it) and dress end up being secondary dress for the wedding =.= *sigh*

Note to my foreign friends: Malay weddings traditionally come twice if you get married: first where the solemnization happens (which is, the actual marriage day) usually at the bride’s house, inviting family and friends of the bride’s family. Another will be at the groom’s house, which is the reception for their family and friends, and it usually comes one to few weeks after the bride’s reception, although can be months. In our case, we had like 3 months gap. And oh, should I point that our wedding in Melaka actually happened after our honeymoon trip? :D

Happy (Melaka) Anniversary, Az! Luv ya!

My D-I-Y Pelamin

For the past one year I have come across many visitors arriving at this post of mine when they google ‘DIY pelamin’ or something, and while I am so impressed with the fact that my pelamin photo was featured among the first results on Google image, I feel regret for that post being too wordless and couldnt even describe a thing. But hey, I was busy preparing the wedding and writing a decent blog post during those days was almost, nearly impossible. So now, after reaching a year LOL, let me describe what’s that that I really did myself (and what’s not).

I guess it’s understood that what I meant by DIY pelamin is that, I didnt hire someone, like wedding planner, mak andam, package, or anyone to set it up. Everything was pretty much done by myself, or rather, my family and me. But the DIY was my idea afterall, and I had to do it on my own, in order to stop my mum renting from countless wedding packages she was looking around. I was so much opposing renting from wedding package because 1) I dont want to waste my parents’ money when I had none 2) most of them are either too ugly or too expensive 3) I believed I was born to be creative and I could set it up better on my own 4) I was being a horribly introvert bride-to-be and didnt fancy alot of people (especially strangers) at my house, so the idea of having wedding planner crews around me was rather unacceptable (okay, I am weird). 5) If you rent the pelamin package they only set it up 1-2 days before the wedding, and will take it out just the next day after the wedding ends, no? I started drafting the setting a few weeks ahead (slow and steady), got ready by 2 days before the wedding, and the pelamin remained untouched for the next one whole month at the living room corner! :P (it would have remained until today if it wasn’t my mum berleter asking us to unset and clear the area ASAP). So we literally got one month time to camwhore on the pelamin until we really got bored.

So my pelamin consists of:

1) The arch: probably I wasnt able to DIY if I didnt inherit this wedding arch from my aunt (she got married around 5 years ago, and the family bought the arch at RM500 I guess, so it can be said I inherited the DIY idea also ^_^)

2) Flowers: I chose brown and white flowers, some green leaves during a shopping with my mum at Pengkalan Kubur (my aunt dragged us here claiming the stuff were cheap, but later when I entered some craft shop in KB the price wasnt that different =.=) Cost around RM100. Oh yeah, I arranged the flowers by my own!

3) Satin fabric, two tones: golden and white.. around 15 meters each? Cant remember. But it was cheap: RM2/meter, and my mum is a loyal customer at this fabric shop in KB so the tokey gave discount some more. The beige satin piece was inherited from my aunty’s wedding ^_^ So I got two tones as the background, and white satin to wrap the arch, also the stage. Cost around RM30. The wrapping and hanging and twisting the fabric was done by me, as well.

4) The stage. Ask a neighbor’s favor who has the skill :) He made the stage out of plywood.

5,6) Some more flowers: this time bought at KB, with some laces, ribbons small flowers for hantaran, all around RM100.

7) Long rug: old one that is already at home.

8) Jati bench. This wasn’t me. It was my dad who insisted to buy this, RM500. I was only thinking to use whatever chair available at home. Nevermind.

9, 10) Alas kaki, golden shoes, small pillow, hand fan: all these accessories which I didnt need and didnt want, but the chronology like this: My grandma wanted us to wear Songket costumes -> need to rent them last minute although I had more than enough of wedding dresses already -> my mum dragged me to go and choose to rent one -> mum asked the package to give those accessories FOC. Sigh.

11) Spot light! This was my greatest idea among all.. I went to buy 2 sets of lights, small one to light up the background, and 2 powered ones were attached at the top in front of the pelamin, like this:

Coz this closed area next to the living room was a bit dark and couldnt get too much natural light because of the windows facing to the car porch. I cant remember how much.. but I guess less than RM50. There was someone who helped us attach the light up there.. I cant remember who, it’s either from people who came to set up the outdoor canopy, or the one who change mum’s new curtain. But those spotlights remain attached there until today.. probably can be useful for my sister’s future pelamin ^_^”

The awesome lighting effect of the spot light + the satisfaction of convincing everyone that I REALLY did the pelamin on my own = happily smiling bride.

Hi. I’m still here.

In case you’ve been thinking that I have officially closed once I got married.

It’s been more than a month seeing myself as a wife to Az, I am surprised with myself that I managed to abandon my blog for this long. I wanted to give an update from the very wedding day, but kept forgetting (read: procrastinating) and weeks passed by with so many events happening I could no longer catch them in track and it now seems almost impossible to write every single thing from the beginning.

Among the reasons, well, was the final departure of our beloved grandmother (whom we fondly called Cik), exactly 2 weeks after seeing her all healthy, smiling ear-to-ear during my wedding meeting relatives and guests.  And imagine one day Az and I were having a day out with her, eating pizza and such, and week later seeing her warded in ICU, unconscious, and simply a few days later, a news that this only grandma I’ve ever got, has eventually passed away. It happened so fast, unexpected and drastic. Needless to say within a few weeks with my wedding. The twist of life has put me into a deep confusion I no longer had any idea how I could write happy stuff and put all smiling wedding pics in this blog in those days, however much I had planned to do so even before the wedding.

Anyways. Sad story aside, I have been living in KL for a couple of weeks now, attending some interviews. I only managed to start applying job once the wedding thingy was over. Believe me, it’s tiring. Thanks goodness that the reception at Az’s house will only be in May (note: in Malay culture there usually will be two wedding receptions, one is bride’s – this is also when the marriage solemnization takes place; and another at the groom’s, usually held a few days to a few weeks after the bride’s reception) otherwise it’d be too hectic for another immediate event. In between me seeking a job, adjusting in being a housewife,  we’re now finalizing our India trip plan. So many things, so little time.. *happy sigh*

Right now we’re in PJ Community Library, me studying some thick computer books for tomorrow’s interview, and Az with his work (at this point of time I love the fact that my husband is a freelancer as he can follow me like everywhere :P).

No wedding picture in this post yet. Maybe next post. Heck, I havent even got time to sort the album as yet. Only one pic in my Facebook if you like. Only one, yep.

No title, but it’s not important.

  1. Coz this will be random as always.
  2. I am still lazy to take any pics right now. Pelamin masih tak siap. Hahaha. *masih sedaya upaya kerah idea to arrange the flowers*
  3. If you think I’m nervous, you’re so wrong :) The day will be just another day to me, the only thing significant that it’s the day my status will change from single to married. I dont think I see the day as a bigass extravagant ceremony whatsoever. The guests are all my parents’ relatives and friends, most of whom I dont even know and they dont even know me =,= The kenduri/wedding lunch belongs to my parents. Not mine. Though of course, you’re normally expected to layan the guests as well when you’re the bride. I wish I could just sneak into the room after the akad nikah/solemnization/photo session and sleep ^_^ I wish.
  4. I am NEVER a fan of weddings myself, so you can tell it by now. The only single wedding of friends I ever attended was Lenya’s, and it was only because it was Lenya’s. I never had such itch of obligations to attend any friend’s wedding invitation before this. And I’ll be fine if they dont turn up to mine as well :p
  5. I am not a person who wants the very best of every single thing for the wedding. Like, yes it’s a day to remember and I’m so excited for the day but I just dont like following the standards and trends of others. And I dont like being told or advised to follow the standards. I have my own standard and I find it perfectly fine. (read: my standard is “not following any standard”, thank you ^_^)
  6. Though it was even hard to make it real, with family and parents suggestions and ideas mixing together, in the end I have to be moderate with my own weirdness. Agh.
  7. Life after marriage is way more important to plan and prepare rather than planning on wedding itself. Az says this and I totally agree. Maybe that’s one of the reason we do clique, hehe.
  8. Oh, I got an interview call today! (Tiba2 off topic). Interview will be on Friday 11th Feb. So I can follow Az back to KL after the wedding, maybe Thursday, and fly back home on Monday.
  9. Off to sleep now.
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