Getting married in a week, and surprisingly dont feel like talking about it

Oh yeah.

The wedding is on 5th February! Are you surprised? No? Nevermind.

I feel like I have heaps to write here but I dont know where to start. After coming back from USM, I have seen myself running here and there for the preparation. Had to attend the pre-marriage course, afterall =.= despite the fact that I’m fully qualified for exemption!! (read here). Haish. Mama says I have to polish back the knowledge that I used to learn at school ages ago. She was like, “Okay, if you think you’re smart enough with the SMU cert that you dont need to go for the course, now tell me what’s the meaning of li’an?”. HEHE. I said I could check it in the book. There must be the answer somewhere..

Hence I was forced to go for the super boring pre-marriage course in the end. And it was even held in Bachok coz one in KB will only be held in mid February. Tak sempat ok.

Then other stuff. Wedding dress. Already made 3 dresses at the tailor coz all ready-made wedding dresses at wedding boutiques are so heavy with stones and beads. That’s so not me. I dont care my dresses dont look like wedding dress anyway. I’d rather look simple. And suddenly Mama says I need to wear traditional songket outfits simply coz everyone in the family wear songket during wedding (herself, and all my aunts & uncles). Cant help but think I’d sweat in the thick songket and pretending I am happy with my appearance.

Pelamin. (to my non-Malaysian friends, do Google image “pelamin” to know what it is.. I dont know if there such thing/word in English). I do my own pelamin. Simply to save my parents’ money from renting it at almost RM2k. And at the same time I can show off my creativity, and now that I have alot of free time now. Though by this day it’s not completely done yet. I even sew the hantaran cover myself, designed my own head gear, the flowers, even the hantaran decoration (with the help of my aunt, of course).

The wedding website. Remember I used to talk about the FlashMX feature.. and I did. It was perfect, with some photos we took in KL when I was there for the Postcrossing meetup. The so-called pre-wedding photos, but taken by tripod :) I had the invitation, the maps, the stories of how we met (Az says many of his friends keep on asking so it would be handy if we just write it in the wedding website). Only later I thought it was too much for now, at least for the invitation of my house reception. I dont feel like showing off alot of our pics there, and the stories about us, when I was gonna give the link to my old colleagues and friends. I CANT LET THEM KNOW I MET AZ ON MY BLOG COZ I DONT WANT THEM TO KNOW I HAVE A BLOG =.= So in the last edit, I deleted everything and only left the invitation. So the wedding website is now simply the invitation, thank you.¬† (all readers of are cordially invited too, so please do come if you’re near here ;))

I will also do my own makeup. It’s either I sound over confident with my skill or I just dont like someone stranger as mak andam or makeup artist in my room in early morning painting my face which I dont know how it will turn out to be. And it’s also an excuse for me to splurge alot on makeup stuff lately, finding the best color to wear for the day. I dont even have any bridesmaid or best woman (at least nobody is that close that I really need her to accompany me in the room grooming myself.) I will do everything on my own. I do look like a friendless freak, no? ^_^ Whatever.

And the guests. My parents have invited over 600 guests, and only less than 10 will be my guests/friends whom I invited via FB and the website.

I hope I’ll manage to make another update before the day. Otherwise, see you later, after I’ll officially become Mrs Az :)


1- These few weeks I choose to stay in library instead of my cubical in Postgrad room. I came to think that I do actually like library better. And the Postgrad room has freezing air-conditioning that my hands get stiff after a few hours =.= (eh.. camana nak main snow nih kalau tak tahan sejuk??). Plus I can stay in library comfortably til late, 10.30pm, while the Postgrad room will start to be empty after 7pm, leaving me alone with unwelcome thoughts of hantu might appear at any time. Just kidding, I dont fear of that, but it’s a little tiny bit uncomfortable of being alone til late night in an empty office room at the 3rd floor with nobody’s around.

2- Dr Umi gave me til end of this month to finalize my program and analyze the outputs, and by November I’ll have to start writing thesis. One month. Hopefully I’ll manage to get it done accordingly.

3- Alot of credit cards usage this month which makes me feel bad that I had to rely on my parents to pay the bills still. From Kelisa maintenance service to changing the exhaust pipe to replacing my broken printer (and even the new printer got breakdown after 2nd usage T_T now waiting for HP to send a replacement). And some unnecessary makeup and beauty stuff I suddenly had to buy for the engagement. Tak jadik cantik sgt pon.. :/

4- My serviced apartment business is going good, Alhamdulillah. Got a number of bookings til December, mostly during weekends. It makes me a busy hotel manager now, getting calls and making calls every now and then.. haiyoh.

5- It’s both sensible and not sensible if I say I’m still not thinking about wedding preparation yet, even though the family have discussed that it will be happening in 4 months. I know normal people would start planning one year ahead before the big day, but to me.. I’m just too busy and lazy to think about wedding. Or maybe it’s still not really my thing. (Can I actually say that?). Tsk..

6- But but but!! I’m already excitedly preparing for our trip to India in April. The trip is way more important than wedding, hahaha.

7- Oooppss.. terlepas cakap pulak :P


It sounds weird to admit this, but this is actually the first time in my life attending a friend’s wedding. At the age of 26. While my younger sister Ismah has been attending thousands of her friends’ weddings all these years already.

ilyani and lenya.

lenya and ilyani.

I know I sound as if I am a friendless freak whose social life is revolving around only virtually with foreign buddies far far away, or/and used to be revolving around with an equally friendless boy. Okay, I do have a few friends, in fact, whom I was invited to their wedding and I could possibly attend, Akmal and Fizah for example.. only I was out of the country end of last year when those events happened. I know there have been some weddings happening since then among ex-UIA buddies, but most of them are too ‘foreign’ to me to attend the weddings, even if I was invited. Let’s just say, I would only attend weddings of my really close friends (still the ‘close’ term is rather subjective and I don’t actually specifically register who’s close and who’s not, neither define how close is ‘close’), otherwise I don’t actually fancy weddings, if you must know. Probably not until I have my own ;-D (okay, that’s lousy, I am sorry. But honestly, would you ever attend a wedding to witness all the happiness of the bride & groom, just right after the plan of your own marriage ridiculously failed?? And honestly again, I was actually secretly *glad* that I was out of the country end of last year so I didn’t have to attend them weddings :P)

Anyways. Congratulations to Lenya & Ceno. :))

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