The theme that is!

Somehow I landed to, a website that offers easy download of’s collection of themes to be used for self-hosted WP easily without having to access the SVN. And I found again this old Thirteen theme that definitely recalls to the years I was blogging in, those adolescence time I would say. Haha. The time most of the posts were whining about either men or failing relationship or crushes or heartbroken or boring life. Which I dont want to go humiliate myself and read again those crappy pieces I even opened for public read (oh so awkward). But I believe I have deleted most of the stupidest ones during last cleanup. How time flies and look at here now, I’ve got a baby and even posted baby pics in blog! :)) Well WordPress, you really document my ups and downs very well these years!

But for the sake of memoria, let me use the theme once again.

New theme

Lalala.. I’m so bored and still dont feel like studying for next paper after the AI paper yesterday which I dont want to talk about. I was browsing sites with loads WordPress themes and couldnt resist myself to change my blog layout now! Wheeee ^_^

As much as LOVED this theme that I’ve been using since past 2 months (well, it wouldn’t be’s very first theme for nothing, right?) I have been thinking to change it, or at least, to change the header, since a while, but didnt feel necessary still, but anyway, I couldnt wait anymore, and I’m falling in love with my new theme now, which makes me feel so bright. And girlish, heh.

I had never liked 2-columns sidebar before, but now I started to prefer it as I could add skyscraper ads unit on top without having to sacrifice other sections that I think also deserve to be on top: about, pages, etc. And as it has navigation at the header, I could just links other blogs of mine on it and they’re still noticeable, unlike before when I had to make small banners for them to put on top of the sidebar. Anyways.

Another thing I like about the new theme that it has this cool dynamic section showing 5 featured posts excerpt, sliding one after anoter.. though by now I can’t decide what post will be ‘featured posts’  so now it displays latest posts by default.

However. It needed a few alters before it looks like this. Change the background image, change the font, change the size, delete unnecessary stuff, change meta tags position, add page numbers,… it doesnt even come with time stamp and comment count. Will have to fix it later. It has ready made threaded comment system and with avatars which I have been searching the add on since long! The comment plugins I came across were usually useless and werent exactly the ones I wanted. And I was trying out this third party comment called Disqus but it was so much fuss to load. Now I am happy with this theme comment it has without extra plugins :)) Oh well but I still have to find a way to resize its oversized gravatars. Hmmph.